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Minggu, 19 Oktober 2014

We Need to Thanks Friends for These Things

Companions is a best friend who is always there to support you. Companions can come from family, childhood friends, or new friends who have a strong bond with you from day to day. They are extraordinary people who are already taking part in the shaping of yourself so you can be yourself now. There have been many things that your best friend was done, but we often forget to appreciate and thank friends about what they have done. What are the things that we need to express gratitude to a friend?
Thank You for Being My Friends
Thank You for Being My Friends

1. Thank you for making ordinary moments become special.
Ordinary moments can only be tasted amazing if done with the right person. Companions who always could be a sweet spice to every moment in life, making everything more colorful.

2. Thank you for always pushing me to always go forward.
They always cheer you on when you feel the worst is the true guardian. Friend are those who can inspire you to be yourself completely. They believe in your abilities, and they want you to believe in your ability.

3. Thank you for telling the truth.
Many people prefer to lie to hide the bitter truth for the sake of making yourself comfortable and others. But, a friend is always being honest with you, no matter how sick that fact. They know that things will not always be happy pleasant and painful things that could possibly end up sweet.

4. Thank you for willing to listen to me.
A heavy burden will be light if it is delivered, not just buried himself in the heart. A good friend will listen and be willing to share the burden of your problem is that you do not feel alone.

5. Thank you for willing to compromise with me.
When disputes arise, friends will always find a middle point in which to be the best solution for both parties. No one is going to impose his will on each other.

6. Thank you for not blocking me when doing something important for my life.
A good rapport is not selfish. Your friend will not ask you to sacrifice your happiness, love relationship, or a dream just for its own sake.

7. Thank you for willing to care.
They are always caring, always ready to cheer you up when you're sad. They are the reason you stay strong because you feel loved sincerely. They also quickly understand if you are overwhelmed with problems, even if you hide it.

8. Thanks for always there for me.
Your friend always strives to provide time to meet you, because you are important to them. When they are on your side, they are actually present, not just physically, but all his attention was also drawn to you. And they were there because they really want to, not out of necessity. They are present not only at the time you were happy but also at your lowest moments. They are the true relation.

9. Thank you for not being, judge, and treat me as if you know me better than myself.
Your friend will not judge you as if he knows the most about you. He is one who does understand you, not as though understand.

10. Thank you for loving me and accept me.
Good friends accept you for what it is and are grateful that you always be yourself. They make you feel comfortable with yourself, with all the good qualities and your bad characteristics. They are the reason for the more you love yourself.

11. Thank you for being patient and forgiving when I hurt.
Even though you've tried to be a good person for your friend, sometimes you can not avoid the situation where you sometimes hurt them. But as a friend, they will be able to forgive you. Friendship is not always easy, there may be disputes and quarrels, but friends always choose to live together.

12. Thank you for understanding my past and do not regard it as a reproach.
Your friend already knows you from the inside out, including if you have the past that is disconcerting. When you can not make peace with your past, your best friend taught you all that and help you to forgive yourself.

13. Thank you for providing me space/time to be alone.
Friend not only wanted to share her burdens but also willing to give you space to be alone. They will not bother you when you really want to be alone.

14. Thank you for believing me.
Trust is the most valuable thing a person can give to his friend. The only thing you can do is to maintain the trust that they give, because of the trust that has been damaged will be very difficult to be repaired again.

15. Thank you because you have to be yourself.
A friend is one who never pretends to be someone else in front of you.

A best friend is probably one of the best gifts that God has given to us in this life. They did not even expect us to thank, they consider what they are doing is something that should be. After this thank for your friend, do well anyway for your friend, because a friend is a valuable asset in life.

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