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Minggu, 19 Oktober 2014

Weaknesses That Should Not Be Revealed When Job Interviews

Applying for a job for your first time is not easy. Especially in the face of a job interview. "What are your weaknesses?". The question is a question that often arises in the interview. Every human being must have a weakness. There is no harm in telling our weaknesses in front of the other, but that does not mean we are free to tell all weakness. Need to remember is that in a job interview, do not need to be opened a weakness that does not show good personal qualities.
Job Interview Illustration
Job Interview Illustration

Here are some disadvantages that should not be disclosed when the job interview: 

1. Easy Depression

Employees who are prone to depression because little things can reduce work productivity. 

2. Doubting

Those doubters considered slow in making decisions. While companies need employees who can make decisions quickly and accurately.

3. Less Confidence

If an employee does not have the confidence, he will have difficulty in dealing with superiors and coworkers. 

4. Too Close Self

People who tend to shut themselves difficult to communicate with others. Employee personality as it will be difficult to achieve success.

5. Less Retort

Companies need employees who are deft, that can get the job done perfectly in a short time. 

6. Slacker

If you tell the interviewer that you are sometimes lazy to do something, then he will judge you are lazy, do not love the work, and carelessly.

7. Playing by Mood

Logically, a person's mood may change at any time. People who work in accordance with the mood, definitely the result will not be maximal. 

8. Less Flexible

In this case, prospective employees are required to be flexible in carrying out its work. That is, he must be able to work independently as well as with the team.

9. Much Talk

Companies tend to not like the type of employee that is a lot of talks, but little work, Moreover improper promises. The company currently requires employees who are a good promise, but also good at getting it. 

10. Following the Flow

People who go with the flow to be assessed less ambitious. Consequently, he will be branded as an employee who less enthusiastic, less loved his job, did not even have a vision and mission in life.

11. Easy Depressed

The Company currently does require employees to be able to work under pressure in the form of time, monthly targets, turnover, and so on. 

12. Working Without Target

Work must also have a target completion. If you are too busy with work and forget about the target, then it would be a fatal mistake. 

13. Difficult Learning New Things

People who are hard to learn new things will be difficult to adjust to the change of the company and even had difficulty in his development.

Updated on 20 January 2017.

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