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Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

Funny Story: Mistook Seller

One day, I was asked by the father to deliver food to a friend's house. Because the house is a bit far, she advised me to ride a bike. And so I brought food from spilling, then the food I brought with using normal bag used for shopping to the market.

Because quite far away, so instead of going alone I invited my best friend to accompany while cycling on a sunny Sunday.

After the job is done, we also intend to play the bike in the field. But the weather was very hot and made us thirsty. Fortunately, near a luxury home, there is a small shop that sells traditional foods and ice drinks. Finally, we stopped and ordered two glasses of ice water.

Illustration of shop

Suddenly from the direction of the nice house, I heard a voice calling to us. Initially, we were concerned because it was not heard clearly and do not know that person. But the noise was still audible even harder. When we looked, there was a young girl waving to us.

Because of no one else besides us, we then approached.
"Yes, what girl? We asked.
"What are you selling? Asked the beautiful girl.

Looks like she thinks if we are the sellers. We both smiled. I was idly answered with flattery, "We're selling our heart." My friend also prankster answered, "If I sell a glimmer of hope for our future."

The girl was shocked and stunned. "Haha, you even kidding!" he said and smiled. Then we admit, "Sorry, we actually stopped in the store to buy ice. It was a shop owned by others that sell traditional foods and cold drinks."

The pretty girl then smiled a bit embarrassed because of mistaken people. "I'm sorry, I think you are the seller." The three of us was smiling and laughing together. I then replied, "Yes, we also apologize, you want to buy something there? There are also selling various kinds of ice that are suitable for this hot day."

Finally, she also took to shop with us and we talked with her. Lucky, she's not a grumpy girl, however a kind person.

Updated 3 March 2017.

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