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Minggu, 05 Maret 2017

Useful School Holiday

The vacation that's the most awaited by the students for a year after they complete one semester or complete grade. Questions that might arise are "where will they spend his holiday?" and "with what activity will they spend the holidays?" Those two common questions we may have heard, but can we take out the message contained in that question?

School Holiday

Nowadays many types and vacation spot have been offered, from quiet to a crowded place, from the cheap to expensive, from the near to far, and so on. It all depends on how we choose it. It is better if we choose a holiday that is useful for us. The things we need to consider in determining the holiday are:
  1. Select holiday spots which have a positive value and contain loads visionary.
  2. Holiday does not mean stop learning. Therefore, each parent should not get their children to laze on the holiday. Encourage them to do fun activities and educational nature.
  3. During school holidays, training and education of children students become the responsibility of the parents. Toward this school holidays, parents should have designed a form that will be charged to the assignment of children. The task is certainly there must educate and logical elements and allows to be completed within the time available.
  4. Sons and daughters who have entered adolescence are particularly vulnerable to today's social model. Parents should be more sensitive in addressing the psychological and attitude change experienced by their child. So how busy parents are running the activities it works, does not mean giving up just above the strict supervision of children's association.
  5. Weigh the cost-benefit principle for recreational activities and entertainment at a cost that is used to facilitate training activities of course of children.

Some activities that can be done during school holidays include:
  1. Practice the skills to do housework. During holidays, students will have plenty more time to help the mother or father in homework, activity is, in addition, to hone children's ability to avoid awkward when it came to carrying out this task itself is also to familiarize the child relationship with parents who may seldom meet because of busy with a variety of existing routines.
  2. Social activities to hone a sense of sensitivity towards others. At school, students may only busy with studying and completing various tasks assigned by the teacher so it does not have the time to share with others. In this school holiday period, students can participate in various social activities such as mutual cooperation together, this addition can sharpen our sense of awareness and sensitivity towards others, also to add a friend so further strengthen hospitality.
  3. Maintain familiarity with family relatives. Holidays were usually identical with the visiting grandma, grandpa, or relatives. So there's not bad if the holiday season this time is used to visit relatives who may have not visited. With the visit, each other will create a sense of longing treated and certainly will increase the intimacy between family members.
  4. Running the activities according to our hobbies, because during the school day we can not do it well, such as sport, photography, travel.
  5. Improve understanding of religion. It could be better opportunities for students to increase religious understanding. Where the holidays can be filled by following various religious activities, such as spiritual course, quick religious boarding and others.
  6. Joining courses/lessons to enhance the capabilities/competencies such as accounting courses, computers, sewing, cooking, or English language.

Some alternative activity we can choose to fill holiday in order to make the holiday is useful, more valuable than just have fun and spend time alone. The ability to develop aspects of academic, social, cultural, religious and personal development and personality of students can be used as the reference for selecting the type of activities that will be selected, students themselves who determine the choice of what is to be achieved or priorities for the holidays this year.

Updated on 5 March 2017.

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