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Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

Food into the Pocket

This is a funny story for my girlfriend. The story, one day we were invited to the wedding of my friends. After we congratulated the newlyweds, we went to enjoy the meals. Although she was a girl who probably likes to keep herself, but she liked the foods served.

So she took some chicken skewers and some traditional food. The conditions at the time were crowded because many invited guests at the reception. Many guests walk fro, suddenly my girlfriend collided with a man. Unexpected events ensued, which food she carried off and get into the shirt pocket of a man.

Illustration Food in the Pocket

Of course, people around who saw it becomes to smile and laugh. My girlfriend immediately rushed apologized and immediately asked me to go to my seat regardless of who and how the man's reaction. He seemed shy and did not even take the food has entered the man's pockets.

When I saw a man who possessed these foods, he also embarrassed because he thought taking food. He also immediately rushed to get food in his pocket. The funny thing is, he does not eat it, do not take it, but instead returns again to the food's table. So, there is a possibility that the food eaten by others who are lucky.

Updated on 7 March 2017.

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