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Minggu, 26 Februari 2017

A Lesson: Try to Discipline Watching Television

This time we want to talk about everyday life. This story teaches about the difference between those who are at the top with ordinary people. We tell the story that is easily understood. Please read and understand what the message implicit in the story.

The head to Gannie was like a needle pinned into his skin. It's the hottest day of my life, he thought. His way home from his school. Seemed to be a long and painful journey to him. Seeing his home at the distance was like seeing an oasis in a dessert. Hurriedly he rushed into his house straight to the living room.

He threw himself on the soda while his eyes roaming around the room. It seemed he was looking for something. He was getting more anxious since he usually found that thing easily. Where are you my beloved remote control, he thought curiously.

He sat back and looked at the vacant wall. He tried to calm himself but he was starlet at once. Television, where is my television, he said to himself repeatedly since he didn't see the television which was usually placed on the table close to the vacant wall now. Did someone steal it? He thought.

"Mom, come here!" He yelled.

A beautiful and slender woman came downstairs.
"What is it, Gannie?" asked Gannie's mother.

"Look, Mom. Our television has missing. Someone might steal our television," said Gannie, pointing at the vacant wall above the table.

"No Gannie. I keep in the warehouse," explained Gannie's mother.

"Why, Mom? You want to buy a new and big one," asked Gannie.

"No, You know why I did this? Your marks in the report book are really disappointing. So Mom and Dad has made a decision that you may not watch television for one month," explained his mother seriously.

"Ha... one month without television? It's not fair. I will be the lack of information," argued Gannie.

"What information?" Mom asked.

"Any information, especially football." explained Gannie.

"That's the point. You spent most of your time watching football match until late a night. From right now, you may not watch television for one month," declared his mother.

Gannie felt surprised and annoyed. He could not imagine being unable to watch television. Anime, Football, News, Entertainment, He will miss it all. Gannie thought sadly.

The next day Gannie and his classmate, Febby, walked home together from school.

"Febby, may I drop in your house? I want to watch television," asked Gannie.

"Don't you have one at your home?" asked Febby.

"Yes, I do have one. But my parents have forbidden me to watch television for a month just because of my bad marks," explained Gannie.

"Haha... Lucky you, Gannie." Febby answered with the laugh.

"You said I am lucky after all this punishment?" asked Gannie.

"Yup, you know my parents forbid me to watch television for two months," said Febby.

They laughed over their same bad fate.

"So if we want to watch television where we should go?" asked Gannie.

"What if we go to Rudi's house. I think there is no such silly rule in his house because he always gets the first rank at school. I'm sure his parents allow him to watch television," thought Febby.

"Good idea. Tomorrow we had better go to Rudi's house to watch Saturday afternoon football match," said Gannie, "And anyway what did you parent do to your television?"

"They kept it in their bedroom. Poor us, Gannie," answered Febby.

The D-day had come. Gannie and Febby went to Rudi's house cheerfully. It only took them a quarter to get to their destination by bike.

"Hi, Rudi!" said Febby as saw Rudi appearing at the door.

"Oh, you. Febby and Gannie. What is it?" asked Rudi.

"May we watch television here with you," asked Gannie.

"Of course you can," answered Rudi, little bit surprised cause the hardly come to his house.

"Anyway, are you watching television now?" asked Febby.

"Yes, I'm watching a football match." said Rudi.

"What a coincidence," said Febby gladly.

"Please, come in." said Rudi.

They hurriedly sat in front of the television. The match was about to begin. They enjoyed the match seriously. Moreover, one of the teams was their favorite team. When the match came in the twentieth minute, Rudi turned off the television.

Turn off Television

"Hey... hey... what's the matter with you?" said Febby, startled.

"I'm sorry, I've to go to do this." said Rudi sadly.

"What do you mean? You don't like match or you want to kick us away," asked Febby.

"No... no... That's not what I mean," answered Rudi.

"So?" Gannie asked curiously.

"Look, it's 4 o'clock now. I have seen television since 2 o'clock. It means I have to watched television for two hours. And the matter is that my parents just allow me to watch television for two hours a day." explained Rudi.

"So we may not watch the television any longer," asked Gannie.

"Exactly." said Rudi.

"But your parents are not around. Please turn on the television. I really like the match," Gannie insisted.

"No way. I can not lie. I must obey the rule of my parents had set up." answered Rudi persistently.

Gannie and Febby saw each other in awe. They came out of Rudi's house disappointedly.

"How come Rudi lives with such silly rule." said Febby.

"It must be boring. But Rudi seems to get enjoying it. Moreover, he always gets the first rank. It proves that he enjoys that rule, Febby." said Gannie. "I think it's just about a matter of discipline and obedience that we don't have," explained Febby.

"Why can't we be like Rudi?" asked Gannie, challenging himself and his friend.

"Yes, why not." said Febby.

Now they went home with a great resolution. It didn't matter they missed the football match. The most important thing they got a great lesson today. Thanks to Rudi, they thought meaningfully.

Updated on 26 February 2017.

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